Celebrating our Culture

MARK SEATON (Chief Financial Officer): The culture that we have here, it really starts with the Kennedy family and Don Kennedy and Park Kennedy and the legacy that they’ve left to us.

JIM F. (Direct, Chicago, IL): There has been a history of family within First American, and I believe that that history and tradition has carried on over a century and a quarter.

JOE G. (National Commercial Services, Tampa, FL): I believe First American does truly value family as really a core to its culture.

ELIZABETH H. (Direct, Gurnee, IL): They don’t just focus on customer satisfaction. They focus on employee well-being, employee satisfaction.

KIMBERLY B. (Trust, Santa Ana, CA): We care about each other.

JODY H. (Trust, Santa Ana, CA): We do.

KIMBERLY B.: We care about our clients. And there’s an incredible amount of integrity with which this company operates.

JODY H.: Oh, yeah.

KIMBERLY B.: So in terms of my personal core values they’re very much aligned, so that’s why I love working here.

JODY H.: It’s like coming home.

MARK RUTHERFORD (Head of Human Resources): Here, I think we’ve got a great team of people. And it’s nice to work at a place where everybody that works here enjoys working here and makes a contribution.

SCOTT F. (Direct, Warrenville, IL): We’re really impacting individual lives, and we’re not just, you know, pushing paper around or creating documents.

KEVIN W. (Mortgage Solutions, West Lake, TX): The fact that I work with people everyday that are cheering for us to win, that are supportive of not only what we’re trying to accomplish within the business, but the development of our people. So when spend as much time here as you do and then with travel, it’s just nice to work with good people, good character people.

MICHAEL A. (Agency, Santa Ana, CA): I was brought up in this organization as an intern, and they gave me every opportunity and let me run with it. And I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for all the opportunities that First American gave me.

CHRISTIAN M. (Home Office, Santa Ana, CA): I’m very much an empowered individual. In the five years I’ve been here, I have moved four different places, and it’s really through the people that I knew. It’s by my helping them and them helping me. It’s through that support structure, empowerment, enablement. I mean, everything I could possibly want here, it’s available. Having such a huge organization that I’m part of, there’s always someone that can help.

ALISON M. (Direct, Seattle, WA): I love my job. I’ve had a great experience here at First American. Having a baby and then continuing to be a working mom has been one of the best experiences that I could have asked for in a company.

CHRIS P. (Direct, Warrenville, IL): When I first started, I was walking around and somebody said to me, you’re always smiling. And I said, it’s just amazing, the atmosphere around here and how great I feel coming to work here every day. And yeah, I know, it might sound corny, but it really is a great place to work, and we have such great teams and people that work here, I can’t imagine going anywhere else and doing anything differently.

DENNIS GILMORE (Chief Executive Officer): This past year, we celebrated our 125th year anniversary, which is such a milestone for any company. And to me, it just represents the quality of the employees, the enduring values of our culture, and the enduring values of how we just operate and run the business.

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