One First American

SPEAKER 1: As an industry leader, First American is united through our commitment to customer service, strong company culture, and team-centered enthusiasm. With divisions, employees, and product lines throughout the world, First American continues to stand as one.

Question: How would you describe First American?

SPEAKER 2: Progressive.

SPEAKER 3: Dynamic.

SPEAKER 4: Prosperous.

SPEAKER 5: Integrity.

SPEAKER 6: I have to say first class.

SPEAKER 7: First class.

SPEAKER 8: A leader in the industry.

SPEAKER 9: People of great professionalism and integrity.

SPEAKER 10: Integrity.

SPEAKER 3: We have strong roots.

SPEAKER 11: You have a very solid, secure organization.

SPEAKER 10: I really like the idea of working for a company that’s been around for over 100 years.

Question: What is your customer service mentality?

SPEAKER 12: This company is completely driven to making sure that the customer does come first.

SPEAKER 13: Customer service, to me, is a priority.

SPEAKER 7: The service that we hold for our customers, that is our number one.

SPEAKER 14: And we will always do everything that we can to make sure the needs of the client are met first.

SPEAKER 8: Without our customers, we have nothing.

SPEAKER 2: I want my customers to feel like I care.

SPEAKER 6: I want them to walk away feeling confident with the answers that they get.

SPEAKER 15: Even if I have to say no, I want them to know that I tried.

SPEAKER 4: I give it my best.

SPEAKER 16: Always have a solution for my customers.

SPEAKER 17: We’re impacting people’s lives. They’re buying their first home– possibly a dream home. It could be their retirement home. And to me, that’s just a reward.

Question: How would you describe the culture at First American?

SPEAKER 14: The culture at First American is definitely very innovative.

SPEAKER 18: Supportive.

SPEAKER 2: One of service.

SPEAKER 19: Buildings are modern. Technology is top-notch.

SPEAKER 20: People are just very pleasant and polite.

SPEAKER 10: There’s a lot of smiles. A lot of people know each other.

SPEAKER 2: On the forefront of innovation.

SPEAKER 5: Innovation.

SPEAKER 3: Always changing.

SPEAKER 11: Innovative.

SPEAKER 14: Pioneers.

SPEAKER 21: First American is a very old new company.

SPEAKER 22: It’s an incredibly diverse culture. It’s an inclusive culture.

SPEAKER 18: We are so collaborative and supportive.

SPEAKER 23: We have such a friendly, collaborative culture over here that it touches everything we do.

Question: What’s it like to be part of the First American Team?

SPEAKER 7: And we have a very nurturing atmosphere. And that’s kind of what makes us want to come to work every day. The people are all like family. Just every day is a new challenge that we conquer together.

SPEAKER 24: It is a joy to come to work every day.

SPEAKER 25: They give me that support that I need to be successful.

SPEAKER 15: I love what I do. And I love working for First American.

SPEAKER 22: One of my favorite parts about coming to work is dreaming up the ideas.

SPEAKER 6: We are always looking to achieve higher standards.

SPEAKER 2: I think that we constantly are changing as the market changes.

SPEAKER 22: That we’re innovative, best in class in our industry, in our products. And so it makes it fun and challenge every single day.

SPEAKER 18: I enjoy growing professionally. I love that I continue to learn.

SPEAKER 9: It’s a big company that doesn’t feel big.

SPEAKER 26: It’s real friendly, open. It’s a great atmosphere.

SPEAKER 18: Our particular office is quite hilarious.

SPEAKER 21: Every year annually, we have an office Olympics.

SPEAKER 13: We actually did a Habitat for Humanity, where we got to go out and help build a house for people that are less fortunate.

SPEAKER 7: The fact that we are this very large corporation with thousands and thousands of employees all across the country, yet it seems like a family.

SPEAKER 10: Quality people, hardworking people, smart people.

SPEAKER 24: Exceptionally talented people.

SPEAKER 14: So many great people.

SPEAKER 26: I really think people have a passion for what they do here.

SPEAKER 1: Even in an organization as diverse as ours, it’s the strength of our people and the integrity, dedication, and innovative spirit they bring to our company that unites us as one First American.

SPEAKER 2: One First American.

SPEAKER 22: One First American.

SPEAKER 26: One First American.

SPEAKER 19: One First American.


SPEAKER 14: One First American.

SPEAKER 8: One First American.

SPEAKER 15: One First–

SPEAKER 4: –American

SPEAKER 17: One–

SPEAKER 7: –First American.

SPEAKER 13: One First–

SPEAKER 6: –American.

SPEAKER 27: One First American.

SPEAKER 21: One First American.

SPEAKER 20: One First American.

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