Recognition: Honoring Our Employees

LARRY DAVIDSON (Division President): In order to meet our customers’ needs and expectations, we’re a company built with really great people. And First American believes strongly that we need to recognize top performance and reward people accordingly.

SALLY FRENCH TYLER (Division President): I think it’s absolutely important that our employees understand that we appreciate what they do for us. A rewards program is one of our methodologies in which to communicate that appreciation and to help them understand the resources that are available.

GEORGE LIVERMORE (Division President): All across the company, everybody is always very active in recognizing great employees and great performance. We have an FA rewards program where when you see a good deed take place, you can hand out a recognition card that has some points associated with it.

BRIAN M. (Home Warranty, Phoenix, AZ): It’s a program in place to ensure that our employees feel valued and ensure that our leaders have an opportunity to recognize them.

ERIN T. (Home Warranty, Phoenix, AZ): Myself, along with employees that have been able to take advantage of this program, have the ability to go online and purchase items that they want, not items that are actually presented to you as a prize. But they can go on and basically get anything and everything that they want.

REGGIE C. (National Commercial Services, Chicago, IL): On FA Live, there’s always challenges for the employees to participate in to win points and prizes. And that allows camaraderie not just in your specific office but other offices.

ANNE M. (National Commercial Services, Scottsdale, AZ): The Work Smart Challenge was a challenge or a contest company wide to try to get the different channels or the different business units to find ways to work smarter by using Fa Live, which is a platform for communication within our company. We are recognized on FA Live with a banner announcing that we won, which was amazing for us to get that recognition and having comments by the different groups congratulating us on the win.

OFELIA C. (Direct, Avondale, AZ): The Wow Bucks Program is a program that was designed to recognize an employee for any ideas that were submitted and implemented in improving the customer service experience. We submitted I believe it was four separate ideas that we arrived together as a branch and submitted those ideas on FA Live. We posted them along with pictures of examples of what we’ve implemented in the branch and with our customers, with the ideas that we submitted and the Wow Bucks that we earned. We went to Disneyland.

EVAN ZANIC (Division President): It’s the little simple things like that I think people appreciate, that you take the time to notice what they’re doing and the effort that they’re putting out.

SALLY FRENCH TYLER: Our hope is that the recognition will promote motivation. At the end of the day, we want our people to feel very motivated to do their job. We want them to feel very motivated to service our customers and to find satisfaction in their careers.

GEORGE LIVERMORE: Everyone loves recognition. Everyone feels good about being recognized for doing a great job. And that’s a high priority here at First American. So I think that contributes greatly to our success.

OFELIA C.: It’s one of the great things about First American. It’s a very big company but with a small company feel.

GEORGE LIVERMORE: Together we are empowered.

REGGIE C.: We are accountable.

BOTH: We are one.

LARRY DAVIDSON: First American.

ANNE M.: First American.

BOTH: First American.

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