We Care – Benefits at First American

CHRIS LEAVELL (Chief Operating Officer): The vast majority of our employees really enjoy being part of this 125-year-old company that treats employees the way it does, that engages with employees the way it does, which I think has really become, frankly, a competitive advantage for us.

TAMMY W. (Direct, Bellingham, WA): This is a company that cares about me and my family, not only just their bottom line. I feel that they truly care about what happens to me.

ELAINE B (Home Office, Santa Ana, CA): I think their employees are important to First American. They make it very clear that their employees are a valuable asset and that they’re an integral part of the company. So they do what they need to do to make sure that our needs are met.

KEN DEGIORGIO (Executive Vice President): We really emphasize the importance of health for our employees. So we have a Healthy Steps program. We have a pretty detailed and pretty elaborate benefits program from our health benefits and other services that we provide to our employees.

DESIREE O. (Direct, Seattle, WA): So Healthy Steps is a program First American rolled out and that engages employees and gives them the simple tools in order to better manage their health.

CHRIS P. (Direct, Warrenville, IL): Healthy Steps is a way to get healthy and to keep you on track if you’re trying to lose weight, if you’re trying to get fit.

DESIREE O.: It guides you in a simple, step-by-step program for anything– healthy back, reduce your stress, get out and walk more, eat healthier– anything you can think of to do with your health. It just kind of says, here’s where you are. What do you want to do with this?

CHRIS P.: It does work. Myself, I lost almost 60 pounds doing it. When I first started about two years ago, I started on the Healthy Steps program. I was in contact with the health coach.

It’s one of the benefits that they provide. So no cost to anybody here. And you actually get rewarded for completing different steps in the program.

MARK SEATON (Chief Financial Officer): Part of being a great place to work is having good competitive benefits. And I think our employee stock purchase program is a wonderful benefit that we provide, that not all companies can provide.

Through payroll deductions, employees can buy First American stock at a 15% discount. And employees have used these savings to fund car payments, to fund down payments on a house, to pay for tuition for their kids.

So it’s a great benefit that we provide. And it also connects the employees closer, because now, not only they’re an employee of the company, but they’re also a shareholder of the company, as well.

JOE W. (Home Office, Santa Ana, CA): So I thought it was a great program when I first started at First American. And so I enrolled as soon as I was able to. It was a great way to help me build my savings. When my wife and I were ready to buy our first home, we were able to use the money that I’d saved in the employee stock purchase program.

DANIEL V. (National Production Services, Scottsdale, AZ): The First American benefits for adoption was very helpful. Because of the short time period that we had, we didn’t have a lot of time to save the funds. So we had to take out some loans.

And thanks to First American, the funds that we were able to get after the adoption was finalized helped us pay some of those loans down more quickly.

MELISSA V. (National Production Services, Scottsdale, AZ): We actually just finished our home study to adopt. Nathan decided to come early. He wanted to be part of the meeting. So we actually got to meet him in the delivery room, probably about an hour after he was born.

They just started it, like two months before he was born. So we had no idea they even did it. And right when we were going through it and I was going on leave with him, our HR, Roseanne, actually emailed me and said, hey, we have this new benefit. It just started. Take a look. And once it’s finalized, you guys can do it. We think it’s awesome. It really helped. [CHUCKLES]

DANIEL V.: Yeah.

MARK RUTHERFORD (Head of Human Resources): I think it’s important to us, as a company, to be sure that our employees have a broad range of choices so that they can provide for themselves and for their families. We believe it’s important. And we believe it’s important for employees to want to work here.

ELISE D. (Property and Casualty, Santa Ana, CA): First American just cares. [CHUCKLES]

MICHELLE A. (Mortgage Solutions, Agoura Hills, CA): They really look after us and make sure we’re all happy. And it’s very obvious.

KEN DEGIORGIO: It’s really important that those employees feel like they’re working at the best place in whatever marketplace in which they live.

ELAINE B.: I’m proud of our history. I’m proud of our record of service. I’m proud of our integrity and the fact that we’re an ethical company and that we care about people. We care about our customers as people. We care about our employees as people, not just as dollars and cents.

CHRIS P.: Together, we are empowered.

TAMMY W.: We are accountable.

ELAINE B.: We are one.

CHRIS P.: First American.

ELISE D.: First American.

TAMMY W.: First American.

DESIREE O.: First American.

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